Best Hunting Knife-An Overview

Image result for Best Hunting Knife-An OverviewThere are many different hunting knives designed for a variety of needs and uses – no single knife is best for everything. The key is to decide what you need your knife to do and choose the best knife for your needs. What do you need your hunting knife to do? Do you plan on using it mostly for skinning and gutting game? Or do you plan to use it primarily for wood craft – clearing shooting lanes, building blinds, etc.? Do you need a knife with high corrosion resistance? Once you decide what you need in a knife, you can decide which knife will best meet your requirements.look at this website.

Hunting Knife Features:

Folding vs fixed blade. Most hunters will probably find that a fixed blade knife works best for them. Fixed blade knives are stronger, and easier to keep clean.

Blade shape. The primary blade shapes used for hunting knives are skinner, drop point, and clip point. Skinner blades are primarily useful for skinning and gutting. Drop point blades are useful for skinning as well as general purpose uses. Clip points are mostly useful for woodcraft and general purpose uses.

Blade steel. There are several different steels used in making hunting knives. No steel is best for all uses – each has advantages and disadvantages. Be aware of what you need, and what steel might best perform those tasks. Other features. Also check features such as handle material, sheath, blade guard, etc. Using an outline like this, you can choose the best hunting knife for your uses and needs.