All You Need To Know About Reading Tutoring in Newark

Facing up to and coping with new challenges as they are presented is an essential part of being a student and learning. A frequent challenge faced by many students is that their reading skills are just not up to the standard necessary in today’s competitive educational environment. Some seem to have no problems but have become very good at hiding the difficulties that they are having. Some can’t hide the problem no matter how hard they try. Is there a way that you can help your child if he is having trouble with his reading skills? Yes. Finding your child a reading tutor may just be his ticket to success.Reading Tutoring in Newark, Delaware

Reading is a skill set that requires much more than just being able to know what the words on the piece of paper are. Reading skills can be broken down into three categories:

1. The actual reading. The student needs to be able to know what the words are as he looks at the pages of information in front of him. This is the basic reading skill that must be learned before any other learning can take place. Instruction in this area starts early with the teaching of the alphabet, phonics, and sounding out words. This simple little thing that most people once they know how to read take for granted may be the single most important thing that your child will ever learn.

2. Understanding the words that you read. If you do not know what the underlying meanings of the words are then they are nothing more than some scribbles on a piece of paper that cause you to make certain sounds when you read them aloud. Comprehension is the second tool in the reading skill set. You must be able to understand what it was that you just read. The meaning of the words must be understood in terms of individual words and in terms of how those meanings might shift when in combination with the other words around it.

3. The ability to retain the information. No matter how hard you work at your reading and comprehension skills it will all be a total waste of your time if you do not retain the information that you learned. You need to be able to store that information within yourself so that at some point in the future when you need it you will be able to recall it. A failure in this area is the most common cause for bad grades on tests.

So reading is a skill set that involves three tools. You need to be able to know what the words are, understand what the words mean both separately and together, and you must be able to retain that information for later use. If any of these are lacking then the whole wall comes crashing down. Reading is the most basic skill and practically all other learning depends upon it. A reading tutor will be able to help your child develop these tools and use them properly to enhance his learning ability.